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Elevate Your Space with LED-Enhanced Slat Walls

Ribbed walls have gained popularity, providing both a quieter environment and a sophisticated, inviting interior, be it in homes or public spaces. The latest trend embraces the fusion of LED lighting with ribbed walls, offering exciting opportunities for spatial depth and energy-efficient illumination.

Adaptable LED Illumination

Adding LED lighting to ribbed walls is a simple process. The loops, available for purchase at checkout alongside your chosen ribbed wall, facilitate easy installation between wooden slats within the acoustic panels. A bespoke black aluminum profile ensures a seamless fit, and the accompanying cable easily conceals behind the acoustic blanket, rendering it invisible after installation. Besides being energy-efficient, this lighting is dimmable, allowing you to tailor brightness levels and curate the desired ambiance.

Boundless Possibilities

Slat walls adorned with LED lighting suit diverse environments, providing an intriguing alternative or supplement to standard ceiling lighting. They infuse rooms with a sense of expansiveness and depth, whether in the hallway, living area, bedroom, or kitchen, reminiscent of upscale hotels and chic lounges. The capacity to adjust lighting intensity offers versatility, enabling you to craft various moods within the space.

Dimmable LED lighting is compatible with all WallRibbon’s ribbed walls, empowering you to explore boundless possibilities in using lighting to accentuate and add depth to your space with ribbed walls, limited only by your imagination.

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