Diamond Oak Barcode, black RecoSilent (acoustic felt)


Saw cut

Example 1: If you want 3 panels sawn down to the desired height = 3 saw cuts. If you choose 1 saw cut = 1 panel is only sawn of 3 panels. Example 2: If you want 1 panel in 4 parts of 500 mm = 3 saw cuts with the height 500 mm. NOTE! The saw blade takes 4mm at each saw cut of the panel.Write the desired number of saw cuts


Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of craftsmanship with Diamond Oak Barcode. These light oak veneer panels, distinguished by their high quality, durability, and maintenance-free design, are meticulously crafted for an elegant and luminous home. Inspired by a barcode, the asymmetrical pattern of Diamond Oak Barcode transforms into a harmonious slatted panel, enhanced by a 100% recycled plastic sound-absorbing felt that ensures a delightful acoustic atmosphere. The varnished finish beautifully emphasizes the natural wood grain, guaranteeing an enduring panel that withstands the test of time. Diamond Oak Barcode stands as a timeless addition to your space, promising year after year of enduring sophistication and acoustic comfort.


  • Wall panel 2400 x 600 mm / 2960 x 600 mm
  • Thickness 22 mm
  • Wooden lath 4 pcs 25 x 12mm, 4 pcs 35 x 12mm and 4 pcs 45 x 12mm (12 pcs / panel)
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 240 × 60 × 2.2 cm

2400x600mm, 2960x600mm

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