Dimmable LED lighting strips – 24V


LED lighting that is easily mounted between the wooden slats in our acoustic panels. The aluminum profile fits perfectly between the ribs both regarding width and height, which means that you can easily glue the LED strips into place. The LED strip is dimmable with 8W/m COB IP20 3000K 24V. This product comes with a 3-meter long cable that is easy to hide behind the acoustic blankets.

With this product comes the following: 1 dimmable LED strip, 1 x black aluminum profile, 1 opal glass, 2 end pieces, and 1 x 3-meter electrical cable (assembled with the LED strip).

NOTE! The transformer and controller of the LED list are not included in the purchase.
You can find a guide for how to control our lead lists here: https://xcen.se/guide-for-styrning-av-ledlister-till-wallribbon


  1. Install the LED strip before the acoustic panel is mounted on the wall or ceiling.
  2. Decide where the electrical cable should be located by drilling holes in the aluminum strip.
  3. Glue the aluminum profile between the ribs on the acoustic panel. If another height is desired, adjust this before gluing the strip into place. Glue is not included when you order this product.
  4. Route the power cable that is attached to the lead list through the hole where it is intended to go out.
  5. Glue the LED strip to the aluminum profile. If a different height is desired, adjust this before the strip is glued to the aluminum profile.
  6. Feel free to use an extra glue click where the cable goes out so that it can push the strip up.
  7. Click the opal glass into the aluminum profile.
  8. Let the glue harden according to the instructions for use. Then mount the acoustic panel on the wall/in the ceiling.

2400mm, 2960mm

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